Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bolt Browser Comes Out Of Beta, Released For FREE!

The BOLT browser is finally here after it was previously in private beta for quite some time, finally arrives in its final form for Android. Bolt Browser claims to be the fastest and most innovative browser for Android, allowing you to enjoy the web at blazing fast speeds and comes with a sleek and modern user interface. It also supports video sites such as YouTube, CNN, ESPN and others.

The main features of the browser are:
  • Superior browsing, rendering Web pages just as they appear on personal computers
  • Fastest page loading on Android devices
  • Social Tab so you can enjoy always-on, easy access to Facebook
  • Device independent Flash and HTML5 video with adaptive compression
  • Tabbed browsing, URL auto-complete, a download manager, web history, cookies and more
  • Ability to save Web pages and images for offline usage
  • Support for JavaScript and Facebook applications/games like Mafia Wars
  • Easy management of your favorites and ability to save them in the cloud
  • Text copy/paste, click-to-call and pinch-to-zoom
  • Full support for all Web mobile security standards
  • RSS support for subscribing to Web-based RSS feeds
  • Extended navigation support for physical keyboard with keyboard shortcuts
  • Web Apps for quick access to Web services
  • Best-in-class data compression maintains Web page integrity while being easy on data plans
  • WebKit based cloud-computing architecture

Its time to try out BOLT, especially if you're sick and tired (or just plain bored) with your stock browser or other 3rd party browsers for that matter. Its FREE by the way, so what harm can it do to try it out?

BOLT Browser (FREE) - Android Market

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