Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boulder Dash Collection Released

If you can't wait for Boulder Dash XL to be released, why not give Boulder Dash - The Collection a try? Its essentially 5 Boulder Dash games in 1! For the uninitiated, boulder dash is essentially a game where you collect diamonds in caves before the time runs out in order to open the exit and all this while avoiding falling boulders and enemies! The game has lots of stuff in it, including:

  • Online Leaderboards and Achievements on OpenFeint
  • New graphics for the first 2 cave packs
  • Original retro graphics for the last 3 cave packs
  • Frequent FREE updates! (Lots of NEW caves & surprises)
  • Secret bonus caves
  • Classic Mode: Play with game clock
  • Zen Mode: Play without time pressure
  • All of the Classic Boulder Dash® Creatures & Features:
    • Butterflies (spawns 9 diamond when killed)
    • Fireflies (equally nasty and deadly)
    • Amoeba (surround it to create diamonds)
    • Growing walls (watch out-they’ll block your way)
    • Magic Walls (converts boulders into diamonds)
    • Slime (holds objects, but for a while)
    • Push/Grab/Dig Without Moving
  • New Power-Ups & Tools: 
    • Bombs (explode upon impact-push or kick ‘em)
    • Hammers (smash boulders)
    • 90° Cave Rotations (shifts gravity)
  • 3 User-Configured Controls 
  • Play in Portrait or Landscape 
  • Use ‘Pause & Explore’ to plan your next move
  • Multi-Touch, variable Zoom

That's a lot right? Since it is essentially a 5 in 1, the game costs a hefty $3.99 but if you're not convinced yet, check out this gameplay video of Boulder Dash - The Collection then the Android Market download link thereafter if you're interested in the purchase:

Boulder Dash - The Collection ($3.99) - Android Market

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