Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dolphin Browser v7.0 Released On GetJar

There's a new version of Dolphin Browser in town and its now up to version 7.0 but this time - it is exclusively released to GetJar instead of the usual Android Market. In this new version of Dolphin Browser, you'll get to use a new feature called Dolphin Cloud which essentially syncrhonises your browser preferences, bookmarks and gestures across your Android devices to/from the cloud.

Besides that, you'll also get an enhanced and improved Webzine which now showcases our community's 16 most popular webzine channels directly on the home screen. Some of the improvements also include a comprehensive facelift for easier navigation and a smoother interface.

The GetJar exclusive will end on October 23rd where Dolphin Browser v7.0 will be made available officially on every other Android marketplace including the official Android market. But if you can't wait to get it now, check out the link below to grab it from GetJar instead:

Dolphin Browser v7.0 (FREE) - GetJar


Suddenly said...

How's this version compare with Dolphin Pad, is it ok for tablets?

Malcolm said...

It works just fine on tablets like the previous version of Dolphin browser but the interface isn't as optimized as the Dolphin Pad version.

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