Monday, October 31, 2011

Gameloft Releases Driver San Francisco

Gameloft has just released Driver - San Francisco, the return of the popular action driving video game series. You will be driving a dodge challenger in this game and it features:

  • Rediscover the cinematic driving sensations of Driver with its high speed pursuits in dense traffic
  • Uncover a thrilling storyline in which revenge fuels Tanner’s relentless manhunt for Jericho
  • Drive across 5 different neighborhoods and along iconic locations throughout San Francisco
  • Challenge yourself with 10 types of missions ranging from a race against the clock to Survivor mode 
  • In Free Ride mode, use your GPS to locate new challenges and take on 30 unique “dare” missions

Not much to say really about the game, its a cheap $2.99 for the game if you're interested. You can grab it below:

Driver : San Francisco ($2.99) - Android Market

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