Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gameloft Weekend Sale - $0.99 for 4 HD Games

Gameloft is at it again and this time they are offering 3 games for $0.99, available only for this weekend - N.O.V.A, UNO, Assassin's Creed and Asphalt 6. You can grab them at the discounted price only at Gameloft's own store. If you're interested in those games, do hurry and grab them before it expires!

Source: Gameloft

Note: Apparently the weekend sale is for US only.


Phil said...

Here in the UK, there's no indication of any special sale by Gameloft. I've just checked Android Market and Assassin's Creed is £1.99p. No mention anywhere on Gameloft's website of this promotion, either.

As the overwhelming majority of reviews for Gameloft's AC describe it was a total waste of money, it's perhaps no wonder Gameloft is now trying to flog it off almost for free. . .

Malcolm said...

Hi Phil,

You're right, the games are available for $0.99 only in the US, I just noticed that after changing the country to US. I've put up a note on the article. Sorry for not mentioning this earlier as I did not check it out previously when I posted the article.

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