Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GO Locker - An Alternative To WidgetLocker

Following WidgetLocker's update, the GO Dev team has released their own LockScreen app called the GO Locker. Go Locker requires the GO Launcher to function and as such, cannot be run as a standalone app which is a shame considering we do need decent lockscreen apps just like this one.

The app features:
  • Cool Locker Screen, Let your phone to be outstanding;
  • Good compatibility with GO Launcher EX and it is stable;
  • Easy to use and change some settings.;
  • Activate phone, SMS or Camera easily;
  • Various of Locker Themes, fits your Patterns of use;
  • Emergency unlock is enabled (Long press volume);

So if you already own GO Launcher EX (which is free by the way), you can grab GO Locker below:

GO Locker (FREE) - Android Market

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