Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HandyGames Releases...Clouds & Sheep

Remember HandyGames? The one that brought you the Guns 'N' Glory titles? Well this time they're bringing in a cute little game called Clouds & Sheep! Clouds & Sheep is a charming sandbox game featuring, well, clouds and sheep. Excessively cute sheep. 

The laid-back pace, mellow gameplay and adorable graphics make Clouds & Sheep an ideal game for casual gamers, as well as more serious gamers who want to take a break from the wanton slaughter and crushing challenges of more hardcore game titles.

  • Innovative casual gameplay
  • Interact with adorable sheep
  • Manipulate clouds and weather
  • More than 20 bonus items, toys and gadgets
  • 33 dynamic challenges
  • Colourful settings
  • Open-ended gameplay
  • Heart-meltingly cute graphics

Check out the game trailer below:

If you're interested in this cute little game, check it out below:

Clouds & Sheep (FREE) - Android Market

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