Friday, October 14, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Statue Finally Up At Google Campus

A friend of mine was just talking about this few days ago and asking me this question : Where's the Ice Cream Sandwich statue? Google has always been on time and has always shown the statue before the release - as with other releases before like Gingerbread, Froyo (Frozen Yogurt), Honeycomb and now - Ice Cream Sandwich. 

I guess now his question has been answered - the Ice Cream Sandwich statue has finally made its way to the Google Campus and here's a video of it as well:

So when can we expect to see the launch of ICS and the Nexus Prime? Well, this picture says it all:

The Samsung Unpacked Event has been rescheduled to 9:30 AM in Hong Kong on the 19th Of October 2011. You should be plenty excited about this because we'll finally see everything that has been leaked so far be confirmed next week and probably a lot more! 

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