Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jealous over Siri? Then get even with Vlingo for Android

If you've been impressed with Siri and have been green with envy over iPhone 4S owners, you can now get even with them with Vlingo, an app that does almost everything that Siri can do except it doesn't talk as much as Siri - only when it needs to. 

Vlingo has been out for a while and has Siri-like functionality where you can simply speak to Vlingo and it will help you get more done, faster and easier than before. Try saying "Text John; What's up?" or "find italian restaurants" or even "update Facebook; Vlingo rocks!".

The app allows you to:
  • Send texts and emails
  • Voice dial
  • Search the web
  • Find local restaurants, shops and other businesses
  • Get directions
  • Update your status on Facebook or Twitter and check in with foursquare
  • Get answers to just about any question
  • Buy movie tickets and book hotel rooms
  • Open other apps
  • With more in development all the time

Pretty impressive right? Its currently the best voice actions/virtual assistant app for Android and it is available for FREE (with ads of course). So check it out below and start showing off to your iPhone 4S friends:

Vlingo (FREE) - Android Market

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