Monday, October 10, 2011

Love Trucks? Then Top Truck Is The Game For You!

If you love big trucks and have been dreaming of owning one or just driving them around and crushing cars, then this game - Top Truck is the perfect one for you! Race across 3 distinct worlds in up to 16 awesome vehicles. Send the crowd to fever pitch as you crush cars, destroy terrain & grab bonus points! Search for hidden routes within the levels to finish in style, and enjoy some barnstorming loop-the-loops!

  • Race through the ARENA before getting lost in the JUNGLE and stranded in the SNOW!
  • 16 different trucks available to purchase, grouped together in 2 handy packs! Drive everything from the SharkShredder to the Enigma Mechanism (Jinkies!)
  • Countless crazy, kooky and kickass levels!
  • Massive levels means there is room for loads of different hidden paths. Can you find them all?
  • Check out our very own CROWDOMETER to measure just how HYPED or booored the crowd is. Keep CRUSHING CARS and HOUSES to keep them wowed!
  • Full ACCELEROMETER and SLIDER control.

The game costs $1.06 to buy but hey, if you really love trucks, its a small price to pay. Check out the game below:

Top Truck ($1.06) - Android Market

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