Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nexus Prime Release Date : November 3rd

With the recent delayed announcement of the world unveiling of Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus and also Google's latest Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS out of respect of Steve Jobs' passing, there were numerous rumours on when the big announcement would be. 

The latest rumour has it that the Nexus Prime & ICS will be announced in London on the 27th of October which sounds very plausible because a credible Verizon source has tipped everyone via AndroidForums.com that the Nexus Prime is set to be released on November the 3rd which I assume will be released under Verizon first then other carriers followed by worldwide distribution. So what do you think? Are you getting excited again?

With all the leaked stuff that has been postesd, Nexus Prime is definitely one of the most anticipated Android devices along with the expected announcement of ICS as well in recent months.

Source: Phandroid

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