Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Office Jerk Game Gets An Update

That hit iPhone game Office Jerk has just been updated for Android, adding some in-app purchasing support, bug fixes, squid and trophy throwable items and also achievements support to the game. For the uninitiated, Office Jerk is the number ONE iPhone app in over 50 countries and has already garnered over 1 million installs on Android to date.

Here's the description of the game from the market: Working in an office sure can be boring, and it doesn't help when some do-good know-it-all sits across from you all day. You know the type: he runs to the boss when you do something wrong, complains when you get the last bag of chips in the snack room or always has a better idea than you.

No longer will you sit back and take it! Grab whatever you have nearby -- a crumpled piece of paper, a gooey chocolate cupcake, a big creamy pie, an eraser, a toy dart, even your brand new shiny red stapler... for even more loads of endless fun -- and wipe that smirk off his face in the feel-good app of the year.

If you want more, you can get the paid version for only $0.94 which packs even more eggcitement with a stick of TNT, a toy dart, a golf ball and the famous no-ads mug.

Head on over to the Android Market link below to grab the latest version of this whacky game:

Office Jerk (FREE) - Android Market

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