Monday, October 24, 2011

Play Minesweeper in 3D With Sweeper 3D

Here's another 3D minesweeper game - but this one is made with Unity 3D and while the graphics aren't exactly jaw dropping, it does take minesweeper to a whole new dimension! The game features two modes:
  1. A Classic mode closest to the original, where you aim for the lowest time. This is great for lunch breaks, or just a low-pressure brain teaser. Marking incorrectly adds 1 minute to your time, so only use it if you're sure!
  2. The Levels mode is for the competitive. It's a race. The clock is constantly counting down. Thinking quickly will get you good scores. Time is lost for every incorrectly marked tile. Tapping clocks gives you extra time. Combos for clearing quickly give you extra points. At the end of each cleared level you get an extra 30 seconds. Then a new level starts. The higher you go, there's a higher chance of more bombs.

If you're interested to check out the game, its available for FREE at the Android Market:

Sweeper 3D (FREE) - Android Market

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