Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puppy Punch Productions Releases Chicken Coup Remix HD

Remember the games company Puppy Punch Productions? The one that brought you "A Game With Balls"? Yep that one. They've now released a new game called "Chicken Coup Remix HD" which sounds just as whacky as their first game and their company name as well.

I'm not sure how to explain the game, so here's the description from the Android Market:

Your chickens have escaped! Get your chickens back into their coops! Sound the alarm! The chickens have escaped! A sly fox unlocked the coop while you were asleep and now they’re ready to dine! Get your chickens back into their coops before its too late.

The game features:
  • CHICKENS aren’t the only things you can grab! Make foxes drop your chickens by dragging them into the barn!
  • Create CHICKEN CHAINS by sliding your finger across like colored chickens. Drag them back home for massive score multipliers!
  • Build up your CHICKEN POWER by dragging individual chickens or Chicken Chains to their coops. This score multiplier will make the next chicken you save worth that many more points!
  • If things get too hectic unleash a powerful BOMB to clear the screen!

The game costs $1.99 to buy but there's a FREE version too, with the FULL version you will get to:

  • Fight to get the highest scores on the Open Feint leaderboards. Can you get all the platinum stars?
  • Collect a variety of awesome Open Feint achievements! Can you become the ‘Chicken Messiah’!?
  • Check out the Full Version for New levels and more content coming soon!

You can check out the FREE version below and if you love it, grab the paid version for $1.99 only:

Chicken Coup Remix HD FREE Version - Android Market

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