Friday, October 14, 2011

Remote Control Winamp with aWARemote

If you've ever wondered the question - "How do I remote control my Winamp from my Android device?", then the answer is aWARemote. This app allows you to remote control your PC's Winamp controls instead of using your usual desktop VNC or remote control application and controlling it which can be a bit cumbersome at times. 

The app features:
  • Play/pause, Next, Previous
  • Playlist and basic editing
  • Media Library (DEMO with up to 400 entries)
  • access saved playlists in Winamp® (max 4 in free version)
  • Widget
  • Equalizer
  • Album Cover

There are two versions of the server application for your PC - the FREE and PAID version. The FREE version has a limit of maximum 400 entries for the media library while the PAID version has no such limit which only works with the PRO or PAID version of the app that costs $2.07.

So check out the aWARemote app and if you like it, grab the PRO version to remove the limitations:

aWARemote (FREE) - Android Market

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