Saturday, October 15, 2011

Screencast Video Recorder Version 2.0 Released

Media Solutions has just released an updated version of the Screencast Video Recorder app which puts the version to 2.0 now. In this new release, there's an all new audio-recording feature, a new widget for the homescreen, improved recording engine with over 25% speed improvement and numerous other bug fixes and enhancements to the application.

For those who are not aware what this app does - Screencast Video Recorder allows you to record videos on your Android device at a very high rate of FPS which no other app to date was able to do. The closest we had was PicMe but the FPS was pretty low on that one while Screencast Video Recorder allowed you to record at a very smooth frame rate. The app itself costs a hefty $4.99 to buy and requires root to function. There's a FREE version which is limited to 20 seconds of video recording to try out the app and for compatibility checking purposes.

Do take note that if you own a Tegra 2 device, this app won't work, at least not yet. If you're interested, check out the FREE version below and then grab the pay version if you want to remove the 20 second limitation:

Screencast Video Recorder Version 2 FREE Edition (FREE) - Android Market

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