Saturday, October 15, 2011

Siegecraft Coming To Android!

I just saw this awesome castle siege tower defense game called SiegeCraft for iOS the other day and was wondering "When will this game make it to Android? Will it ever make it to Android?". My questions have now been answered. Blowfish Studios, the developers of Siegecraft will be bringing the Siegecraft THD for Tegra devices some time this November and the game features the following:

  • NVIDIA Tegra Enhancements including high resolution textures, complex shaders, and more.
  • Beautiful Worlds: Exquisitely created environments and 3 unique races to play, Knights, Vikings and Samurai.
  • Special Catapult Items: Want to lob a cow at your enemy? Go for it. Troll’s head? Got it covered.
  • Console Grade Graphics: Stunning environments featuring real-time water reflection and refraction. Tons of on-screen characters and particle effects.
  • 6 campaigns of 27 levels (if the content part is identical to the iOS version, this is subject to change and could actually be more)

No word on pricing yet but on iOS, the game started off as a $0.99 introductory price which is pretty hard to beat considering the game's awesome graphics. If they'll release the THD version for the same price - you can get I'll be grabbing it the moment it releases and I'm sure you will too. Check out the game trailer and salivate as we wait patiently for November to come:

    Source: Droid Gamers

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