Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tegra 2 Powered Hose Game Sprinkle Gets Updated

Mediocre's popular Tegra 2 powered physics powered based game, Sprinkle, has just gotten an update and in this update, there are more levels for you to play on just in case you've completed them all in the original game. There are other updates as well, here's the full changelog:

  • A whole new world with twelve tricky levels
  • Two new levels on the first world
  • Now possible to skip levels if you get stuck
  • New high score and unlocking mechanism
  • Toggle sound and music individually

The most excellent new feature is the ability to skip levels if you get stuck which I believe some (or many) of you have probably encountered this - no matter how you fire that hose, you just don't know how to help the alien villagers - at least not on time to save their houses from burning down.

Sprinkle is still very much a Tegra 2 only app but it is an excellent one and has excellent gameplay and replay values because it really makes go out and think like "now how do I get the water there to save that burning house?". Its a really fun game with cute graphics, great music and sound. The game still costs a cheap $1.5 and is definitely worth every penny if you own a Tegra 2 device. Check out the update below:

Sprinkle ($1.50) - Android Market

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