Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tiny Little Racing Beta Released

Here's a new racing game for you - its called Tiny Little Racing and its being developed by Public Object Games which apparently is a one man "team" and hence, the game is in beta form. The game itself has the following features:

  • Currently has 16 tracks and 8 cars.
  • Racing against 5 opponents
  • Time Trial with ghost 3 laps
  • Isometric Rock Cam (view from above)
  • Perspective chase and roof cams.
  • Currently Single player only

The game itself costs a cheap $1.00 at the moment since its in Beta, so I suppose that the price will remain that way until the final release (hopefully) before the developer decides to bump up the price. You can check out the gameplay video below and then proceed to the Android Market to purchase this Tiny Little racing game:

Tiny Little Racing ($1.00) - Android Market

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