Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tower Defense Game With A Twist - Protection Force

Here's a new tower defense game with a twist - Protection Force. If you're tired of the same old tower defense formula, check out this game - it features:
  • Different AI levels that will give you an opportunity to throw call to yourself 
  • Awesome unit balance and AI defense tricks
  • 15 ways to upgrade speed power health skills and game features
  • More than 14 types of units with different capabilities and weapon types
  • Increase your power during the game using upgrade menu.
  • High detailed units models
  • Unique game world
  • 2 super units that guarding on your tower protection
  • Amazing units animation
  • Cool in game music that can't leave you indifferent
Check out one of the game screenshots below:

The game costs a cheap $1.77 to buy and can be purchased from the Android market now:

Protection Force ($1.77) - Android Market

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