Thursday, October 20, 2011

Transformer 2 AKA Transformer Prime To Be Announced On November 9

The successor to the immensely popular and best selling Android Tablet - the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer will have its successor announced on the 9th Of November according to Johnny Shih, Chairman of ASUS during the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong earlier today. 

He also mentions that the Transformer Prime will be sporting a quad-core processor (most likely the Tegra 3 obviously), a 10 inch display, USB and mini-hdmi ports, SD card slot and with a thickness of only 8.3mm thick on the tablet. 

Another good news is that when asked on when we can expect ICS to land on the first generation Transformer, he was quick to mention that it would arrive even earlier than end of this year, so it's all good for both existing users of the Transformer tablet and also new buyers who intend to make their first Android netbook hybrid. 

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