Sunday, October 23, 2011

Try Out The New ICS Lockscreen With MagicLocker

Now that Ice Cream Sandwich has been revealed to us, you might just want to try a piece - just a tiny piece of that ICS goodness. Why not try the lockscreen out? You can do that just by grabbing MagicLocker - a lockscreen app which allows you to choose between a selection of FREE and PAID lockscreens for Android. One of them is of course the ICS lockscreen that you can see pictured above.

You can grab the app for FREE from the Android Market link below, once  you've grabbed and installed it, run it, select themes and click on the "Get More Themes" button and install the Android 4.0 lockscreen theme and that's it! Don't worry if you are using a custom launcher - it has full support for them. Check it out:

MagicLocker (FREE) - Android Market

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