Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What we've learnt about Galaxy Nexus & ICS

So after watching the live streaming event where we get to see the official unveiling of the Galaxy Nexus and also Ice Cream Sandwich, what did we learn about it? One of the things I noticed from the 1 hour streaming event (I didn't catch everything as I was somewhat distracted with work), was that in ICS there's support for face unlocking. Meaning it can recognise your face and unlock your phone.

I suppose this feature should have a failsafe mechanism otherwise there would be issues if your face was tanned for example or if you had some plastic surgery for instance? We'll know more soon as more details trickle in. The other thing I noticed is the ICS recent tasks/apps bar shows up with thumbnails just like HoneyComb does but with one exception - you can swipe to get rid of the apps (I suppose this will not only get rid of it from the list but also kills the app). This is a neat feature in ICS and I'm sure its a very much welcome feature.

I've also noticed that the notification bar allows you to swipe to clear the notification just like in the latest CyanogenMod 7.2 release, now we get to use it in the stock ICS. Another highlight which is probably both hardware and software related which impressed me the most is the zero shutter lag where you can take shots after shots immediately without waiting at all. This is even faster than the new iPhone 4S which has a shot-to-shot time of about half a second. I suppose the software in ICS plays some part in processing the image in the background. Nevertheless this is an impressive leap from Gingerbread or even HoneyComb.

That's pretty much all I could remember from the video, the rest are pretty much what we've already known and seen in HoneyComb - resizeable widgets and stuff. If you've noticed something we did not mention, do post it in the comment, i'll update this post and give you credit for it! 

We can expect to see the Galaxy Nexus ship to the US, Europe and Asia sometime in November next month and I'm very excited and can't wait for it to ship to my country - Malaysia.

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