Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alien Rescue Episode 1 Released

Here's a new top-down shoot-en-up game for you called Alien Rescue : Episode 1. The story so far: Planet Earth, 1947. While out for a nice relaxing walk through the Universe, some of the aliens crash on the planet. You are Krut - an experienced alien pilot, who quickly embarks in the rescue mission.

Will you succeed in rescuing all your friends and take them home, while escaping the violent and hostile planet?

The game features:
  • Runs on devices starting with Android 2.1
  • Beautiful 2D art and graphics
  • Funny and enjoyable sound effects and soundtracks
  • Several control methods available: two using touchscreen and one using hardware keyboard / D-Pad
  • 10 weapons: Blaster, Triple Blaster, Laser Beam, Dumb Missiles, Scattergun, Cows, Crates & Explosive Cows.
  • 6 power-ups: Splash Missile, weapon steal, Tractor Beam, Personal Shield, EMP Wave & Health Regenerator
  • Ability to abduct entities and even combine them, creating additional weapons
  • 2 engaging game modes: Story Mode and Free Mode
  • 6 challenging Story Mode levels with 3 difficulty settings
  • Free Mode lets you play as long as you want and will throw against you countless waves of angry Earthlings
  • Try to unlock 22 unique Achievements and gain higher scores per level
  • OpenFeint support in the game ensures competition with other players worldwide. Achieve Free Mode high scores and try to be the best Alien pilot there out there

The game is completely FREE so grab it now at the link below:

Alien Rescue : Episode 1 (FREE) - Android Market

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