Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Proof That Face Unlock Could Be Defeated By A Mere Photo

Various news sites have reportedly claimed that the video that was posted by our own local SoyaCincau which demonstrates how Google's ICS Face Unlock feature could be defeated by a photo was a fake and that the face unlock feature had initially captured the photo rather than the real person's face.

To re-iterate again - the actual person's face was captured on the Galaxy Nexus and then a photo of the very same person was taken with the Galaxy Note and both devices was put face to face with the Galaxy Note showing the photo that was taken and successfully unlocked the Galaxy Nexus with a photo.

If you still don't believe this, then please watch this video below which shows from start till end how this is done:

Saw that? Believe it now? Good. Does it really matter? Not really. As a consumer you should be aware of the limitations of the technology and know that this isn't exactly a foolproof way of securing your phone. It could be tricked as well if there was someone who looks just like you, so i think its best to stick with the pattern lock mechanism, its definitely safer :)

Link to original article with video on how Face Unlock was compromised - here

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