Monday, November 7, 2011

Baams Away!

Blow up sheep with bombs! Travel 3 worlds and encounter 15 different sheep. Baams Away is an action arcade game which satisfies human-kind's most simple and primal pleasure – blowing up sheep with bombs! Utilize the power of the Baam to wreak havoc on 15 unique sheep while traversing 3 thrilling worlds, unlocking the overwhelming power of even more devastating secondary weapons along the way. Prove your mastery by climbing to the top of the scoreboards!

Baams Away is available now only on Android! Play the beginning of each world absolutely free, as well as trying out the arcade modes. If you are having fun and want to experience all that Baams Away has to offer, upgrade to the full version for only $1.50!

Grab the game for FREE and if you love it, upgrade it via in-app purchase to the full version!

Baams Away (FREE) - Android Market

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