Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CineXPlayer Released For Android

NXP Software has finally released CineXPlayer for Android which is the best xvid player for iPad, now available for Android. The app supports & features:

  • Xvid, MP4, 3GP, etc
  • Enjoy the full quality and cinema experience (Super smooth video) 
  • Efficient Movie playback for battery efficiency (longer movie playback between charges) 
  • Full Auto Resuming Function 
  • Subtitle Support (.srt/.smi formats) - with control of text size 
  • Loop Movie Function 
  • Super High Speed Video Scrubbing 
  • Hold to Delete (to manage movies/subtitles) 
  • Best in class Audio/Video Synch 
  • Supported Languages English, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Russian, French, Arabic, Swedish
  • Facebook (Share function) - snapshot your video ; post directly to your face book in a few button presses 
  • Bass, Treble Audio Enhancement Support

At the moment there's no MKV and AC3 support just yet but if you're interested to grab the app, head on over to the Android Market link below - it costs $2.99 for the tablet version and $1.88 for the smartphone or non-tegra version:

CineXPlayer Tablet Edition ($2.99) - Android Market
CineXPlayer Smartphone Edition ($1.88) - Android Market

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