Monday, November 14, 2011

Connect, Search And Access Your Content With ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD

If you've ever wanted an integrated app that allows you to connect, search and access all of your cloud based sites, then look no further - ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD is the perfect app for the job! It supports Dropbox, Google Docs, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Evernote,, Instagram and SugaSync. 

Search & discover yours and your friends' content with ZeroPC’s powerful Universal Search engine built-in to the tablet app. With ZeroPC Cloud Navigator’s instant search and smart browsing feature, it’s easy to find, manage, access and share all of your content on the go with a single ZeroPC login, right from your Android tablet.

The app features:
  • Connect all your cloud content with ZeroPC Cloud Navigator
    • Instantly and securely connect to popular services—, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Docs, Instagram, Picasa or SugarSync—using a single sign-on and industry-standard Oauth (no password is stored in ZeroPC).
    • View and access documents and notes, play music, watch videos, browse photos and more all on your Android tablet.
  • Easy and smart content browsing
    • Quickly navigate though intuitive content hierarchy to access any document, photo, multimedia or social content regardless of where they are stored in one convenient place. 
    • Browse through your content by category tabs (Docs, Photos, Video, Music or ALL) and display only what you want with large thumbnails.
  • Powerful Universal Search
    • Easily search your content on the go! Find and access everything using keyword or name search, content categories, or sub-folders.
  • Security and Privacy
    • ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is safe to use. ZeroPC is compliant with all of the built-in security of the host 3rd party services such as Dropbox and We use an industry standard and widely adopted encrypted token-based security technique called “Oauth”. All communication uses the same high level of encryption as banks and other financial institutions.

You will need to register for a ZeroPC account with the choice of a FREE account or a pay-as-you-go fee of as little as $1 a month. The FREE account itself is pretty generous and you get an extra 1 GB of space from ZeroPC themselves. The Android app is compatible with tablets only at the moment it seems, so if you don't own one, you're pretty much out of luck at the moment. 

But in case you do, head on over to the link below to grab this nifty little app:

ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD (FREE) - Android Market

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