Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do You Know What Time It Is ? Time To Kick A** And Chew BubbleGum! Duke Nukem 3D Has Arrived!

Yes you've heard that right folks - the original king of action - Duke Nukem 3D is now out for Android! Do I need to say further? Okay maybe a quick description:

Los Angeles. Under attack by aliens intent on stealing our chicks for breeding. Duke Nukem springs into action dealing damage like only he can, making his "insightful" comments along the way. If you've never played a Duke game, this is your chance to see why he's been a fan favorite since 1991, with over 18 original Duke Nukem games since that time. Duke Nukem is not the typical faceless hero -- he's an in-your-face hero who has a personality that doesn't quit. Yes, it's a B-movie plot, but that's what makes it fun!

  • Optimized for all newer multi-touch devices
  • Native support for large tablet sized devices such as the Xoom
  • Dual stick or new "drag to look" controls
  • Installs to SD by default
  • Includes Episode 1
  • Episode 2 and 3 available via Google In App Billing

There you go! The game costs a cheap $0.99 but remember - you only get the first episode. Episode 2 and 3 is available via in app billing, so if you love the first episode, get the rest through the in-app purchase. Grab the game here:

Duke Nukem 3D ($0.99) - Android Market

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