Thursday, November 10, 2011

EA Releases SimCity Deluxe For All

Electronic Arts has finally released the popular SimCity Deluxe to the Android platform - now you can manage your city on your Android device at your fingertips! Features:

    • Face up to 7 multifaceted scenarios, from staging a glorious World Games to coping with a scorching heat wave. Begin with 7 starter cities inspired by world famous locations and remake them to your liking with over 40 renowned landmarks that spring to life.
    • As Mayor and City Planner, guide your city through seasonal catastrophes like blizzards, electrical storms, and locust plagues! Or how about fending off a random meteor strike? Even face multiple disasters at once!

The game costs a decent $4.99 and is optimized for tablets as well, so grab it if you're a big fan of Sim City:

SimCity Deluxe ($4.99) - Android Market


Suddenly said...

Hmm, the price is now $5.50 using the supplied link, funny I cannot find the game using the Android App. It also will not let me download to my Asus Transformer, is says "the item cannot be installed in your devices country". huh

Malcolm said...

I guess you could try to search for "simcity" without spaces, that's how i found it on the android market. the price i believe is dependant upon the exchange rate in your country I suppose. I'm also seeing it at 5.50

Suddenly said...

I got it from a link on Android Police, at $4.49. Cool, now how to play this game. Got stuck in the 1st tutorial, build a 20x10 grid, could not seem to progress further, like stuck in a loop, hope it's me and not the game.

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