Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google+ For Android Updated

The Google+ For Android app has been updated with a slew of changes including a new redesigned UI look and feel which is meant to complement Ice Cream Sandwich's UI and a lot of other changes. Here's the full changelog:

  • Completely new app and new visual design
  • Battery life improvements
  • Navigation and performance improvements
  • Significant notifications improvements
  • Brand new posting UI
  • Several bug fixes
  • Support for Google Apps users
  • Ability to sign out
  • Add people to a circle from circle profiles

You can grab the latest and greatest version of Google+ below:

Google+ (FREE) - Android Market

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Suddenly said...

Just got the update, wow, a whole new look and feel. The location included with your posts seems a lot more accurate, it even had the block numbers right!
The app icon disappeared from my ATF home screen, not sure why, simple to re-install though.

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