Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guard Your Apps From Prying Eyes With Ultimate App Guard

Ultimate App Guard (UAG) protects apps from un-authorized access.

  • Lock selected applications from un-authorized access
  • Support 7 different alternative lockers: PIN, password, pattern, force close, dial a number, error message and image screen
  • Customize validity period (to change locking scenarios)
  • Beautiful interfaces with a lot of customize
  • Widget to quickly enable/disable lockers
  • Schedule to lock/unlock apps in specific period in a day, during weekday or weekend, etc.,

The free version offers three lockers (PIN, password, pattern), buy Pro version to use other lockers. The pro version costs a cheap $1.32, so give this FREE version a try first before you make your purchase on the pro version:

Ultimate App Guard (FREE) - Android Market

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