Thursday, November 3, 2011

LG Confirms Optimus 2X Will Get ICS

LG has made a 360 turn by announcing that the Optimus 2X will actually get the ICS upgrade - squashing all rumours that LG will not be updating their high-end handsets to ICS. LG quotes:

LG is currently in the process of planning the ICS OS update for the LG Optimus 2X as well as other LG high-end smartphones. Detailed information on the ICS OS update schedule for specific models will be announced, once the ICS OS is publicly released by Google.

So - to all of you LG optimus 2X owners, don't worry, it'll come in time. Just need to be a little patient that's all.

Thanks to Jim for the tip!

Source: TMONews

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Suddenly said...

There is now a thread on the LG Forum for G2X's owners to vote for ICS on their phone by posting a reply. I little prodding might help to make sure G2X's users get some love as well.

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