Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Android Market 3.3.11 With New Features

The folks at Android Police have managed to get hold of a new update for the Android Market which now bumps the version number up to 3.3.11 for Android 2.x OS. New in this release are:

  • New setting: Auto-update apps (presumably, sets all apps to auto-update mode, woohoo!)
  • New setting: Update over Wi-Fi only
  • New setting: Auto-add shortcuts (automatically adds homescreen shortcuts for new apps, ala Honeycomb)
  • Smaller font
  • New app drawer icon
  • Microphone (voice command) button in search menu
  • Star rating chart on app pages
  • Minor UI tweaks

This new update looks good. If you're not getting the new market update yet, you can grab it manually here:

Android Market 3.3.11 - Download

Source: Android Police

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