Friday, November 11, 2011

New Tower Defense Game: Space Station: Frontier Released

Here's another new Tower Defense Game for you - Space Station: Frontier is a space-themed tower defense game from the developers of Sentinel 3: Homeworld. The story so far : A deep space mining operation should be a peaceful job. No such luck with a violent alien race contesting the territory! Mine the asteroids, harvest energy and build up your defences to survive the alien onslaught!

  • Construct weaponry & mining tools using an intuitive tower-defence style interface!
  • Design & power vast networks of structures, then defend against alien assault!
  • Earn upgrades & unlocks for your Space Station to increase its power and abilities!
  • Enjoy the story-based campaign mode or one of the freeform endless modes!
  • OpenFeint provides online leaderboards & lots achievements to earn!
  • Includes tablet layout/HD support for capable devices.

The game costs a decent $2.39 to buy and you can check out the gameplay trailer below:

Space Station: Frontier ($2.39) - Android Market

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