Monday, November 7, 2011

Open Sea Released

Open Sea! is precisely the sort of casual game you want on your mobile device. It's easy to pick up and play, a treat to look at, and features a variety of new elements that slowly unlock as you progress, keeping you consistently interested in playing just one more level. There's a FREE version and a paid version which costs about $1 and the full version features:

  • Innovative and intuitive game mechanics designed for hand-held touch screens
  • 51 original missions (and even more to come)
  • Several different environments
  • 6 hilarious kinds of people
  • 5 Heroes with exciting powers to help the people
  • 3 kinds of foes, each requiring specific strategy to deal with
  • Campaign mode evolving through the map of your People's journey, with Stars collecting and optional paths
  • 5 Challenge game modes: "Crossing of the Dead", "Save 'Em All", "Sacred Land", "Time Trial" and "Time Trial Extreme"
  • Online leaderboards with Scoreloop (requires two authorizations)

Go and grab the free version and give it a try:

Open Sea! (FREE) - Android Market

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