Sunday, November 20, 2011

SeekDroid Allows You To Track Your Phone & Secure Its Data Anywhere

Afraid of losing your phone? Or worse - the data inside of your phone? This is where SeekDroid comes in - this app allows you to track your phone and secure its data - anywhere. You can even set an audible alarm and wipe the device to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Here's the complete list of features for this great app which has received over 10,000 downloads till date:

  • Locate your device
  • Remotely Enable GPS
  • Display its location on a map
  • Audible alarm (even on silent) w/ custom message
  • Text Messaging support
  • Setup SeekDroid Remotely via SMS
  • Lock device w/ custom code
  • Retrieve recent calls
  • Remotely wipe entire phone
  • Remotely wipe SD Card
  • Hide from app drawer
  • Disable App from being uninstalled
  • Virtually no battery drain
  • Works without a SIM Card
  • Reteive SIM ID, IMEI, and active phone number

The app costs a decent $4.99, so if you're interested to check it out - grab it below:

SeekDroid ($4.99) - Android Market

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