Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tower Offense Game Age Of Defenders Finally Released!

Remember we ran a piece on Age Of Defenders at the first week of last month? We had the exclusive preview of the game and now the team at Cuketa have finally released the excellent Tower Offense game to the Android Market. Take note that the game is only compatible with 10 inch (1280x800) resolution tablets as well as the SONY Tablet P at the moment.

The game description:

Your goal is to defend your base from being hit by the enemy units and to destroy your enemy by crashing 15 units into his base.

Choose from 6 different towers and use them for the protection. Build them on the top of the hills so they can shoot further. Laser, Rocket and Air Defense towers have secondary mode that enable you vary your tactics. 

Place Coondie mine on the pink spot to increase income of your resources – you will be able to build more. Towers get upgraded, be careful about those being destroyed. 

Build your army – choose from 6 ground and air units and plan your attack carefully. Use the most vulnerable path to the enemy base. By gaining skill points, you can upgrade strength of your units too.

Game Features:
  • Multiplayer mode – challenge players worldwide
  • Five single player campaign with Easy and Hard difficulty
  • 6 tower types for your protection
  • 6 unit types for conquering anybody who dares to stand against you
  • Charming graphics
  • Atmospheric music
  • Amazing gameplay providing lot of entertainment!

This is just the beginning of what the folks at Cuketa are doing. There are plans for new units, new towers  and new single player levels to boot coming soon! Lukas Zachar - Community Manager for Age Of Defenders have mentioned that there are definitely plans to bring the game to other Android devices such as smartphones and tablets with different resolutions but there's no timeline yet on this at the moment. We will be sure to update you when we hear the news about this.

Another thing I would like to highlight about Age Of Defenders is that this game is probably the world's first multiplatform Tower Offense/Defense game where you can battle on the same battlefield across different plaforms be it iOS, Windows, Mac and Android. So you could have a Windows player vs an Android player or Mac vs Windows, etc.

If you're interested you can grab this excellent game from the Android Market for a cheap $2.99 only or you can try it out on their newly redesigned site for FREE on Windows or Mac. Also check out our previous exclusive preview of the game if you missed it to get a gist of how the game really is. Check out the download from the Android Market, the exclusive preview we ran last month and the newly designed site below:

Age Of Defenders For Android ($2.99) - Android Market
Age Of Defenders Exclusive Preview - View Article


gejmerqo said...

great article sir :) I would just appreciate some ingame screenshots or video to get what it looks like :)

Malcolm said...

hi there,

you can check out our previous exclusive preview of the game which contain screenshots of the game although unfinished at the time, the game's graphics and mechanics are pretty much the site:

gejmerqo said...

sure, thanks! :)

Malcolm said...

no prob :)

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