Saturday, November 12, 2011

Transformer Prime Previewed & Handled

Fellow Portugese Site ZTOP has managed to get hold of the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer Prime and did a quick preview on the upcoming Tegra 3 tablet that will be hitting stores sometime in December. The unit that ZTOP has managed to get hold of is an engineering unit, so the look and feel of the device and the OS itself may change when it is released.

One thing that you will notice is that the screen bezel at the bottom is thicker than the original Transformer unit if you look at the screenshot above carefully and also if you see the screenshots at ZTOP's site (we'll give you the link soon). One of the reasons why ASUS adjusted the size is most likely due to the fact that it can be a little harder to reach for the screen when the unit is docked to the keyboard and the larger bezel will definitely help although I believe the top and bottom bezel proportions will no longer be equal/symmetrical.

Another thing to notice in ZTOP's site is that ASUS has included a lightly skinned notification bar which also displays the secondary battery remaining in the keyboard dock which was previously missing in the original Transformer in which you had to use a 3rd party application or widget to display it. Whether this will make it to the final unit or not, we're not sure but we sure do hope so. For the rest of the preview, check out ZTOP's website, its translated from Google Translate so don't expect it to be perfect:

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