Friday, December 23, 2011

50 Games In One Package : PlayScape

Fancy having 50 games in one title? Now you can with PlayScape! PlayScape is the first of its kind mobile Mega-Game to provide you with a unified cross-game experience.

PlayScape rewards you with Experience Points and Virtual Currency, which are completely transferable to any game in PlayScape. Every game in PlayScape contains a description text and rating by other users.

Start exploring innovative ways to customize and enhance your mobile experience!

PlayScape includes a Mission Wall which provides you with a range of constantly updated missions which enable you to accumulate Experience Points for completing various tasks.

Earn Virtual Currency – PlayScape Coins – for unlocking new games / levels, and completing a task from the Mission Wall. PlayScape Coins are redeemable for virtual goods, new games and power ups.

  • A wide range of FREE Android games – Arcade and Action, Brain & Puzzle, Casual games and more. 
  • Games that constantly refreshed without the hassle of syncing. 
  • Compatible with all Android phones

PlayScape is completely FREE so grab it below:

PlayScape (FREE) - Android Market

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