Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Addictive Train Conductor 2: USA Released

A new addictive & super fun to play game called "Train Conductor 2: USA" has just been released! This smash hit game allows you to take control over locomotives barreling through famous American locations. It's all about quick decisions and strategy as you guide trains to their destination while avoiding disastrous collisions! Simply drag each train to the correct track with the swipe of a finger.

  • Two ways to play each level!
  • International leaderboards, weekly leaderboards, friends leaderboards
  • Multiple player accounts 
  • For just $1.99, install the game on your phone and tablet!
  • Share stories with your friends and challenge their scores
  • Improvements over the original: survival mode, Challenge mode, Facebook sharing, three lives
  • New Train Conductors get their Train License in the Trainyard. It's that simple.

The game costs $1.99 to buy so check it out now at the Android Market link below:

Train Conductor 2 : USA ($1.99) - Android Market

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