Saturday, December 3, 2011

Atomicom AKA PlayBox Games Relesases The Best Christmas Game Ever!

PlayBox Games now known as AtomicCom has just released a new game called "The Best Christmas Game Ever" which is an addictively simple Christmas game with amazing graphics and Christmas countdown.

From the team behind Bang Bang Racing THD comes The Best Christmas Game Ever on Android.
T.B.C.G.E sees you taking on the role of Father Christmas who is racing against the clock to recover his missing presents which have been fiendishly stolen by the invading penguins, set on taking over the north pole. Race against the clock and avoid obstacles and enemies whilst collecting as many presents as you can.

What other game features the beautiful singing voice of the fabulous Mr. Father Christmas?

  • Addictively simple gameplay.
  • Console quality visuals and sounds.
  • Christmas Countdown timer
  • Christmas Music
  • Truly one of the best Christmas games ever.
  • Original sound and music.
  • Boosts and Score Multipliers

The game costs a cheap $1.55 to buy so head on over to the Android Market link below to grab The Best Christmas Game Ever!

The Best Christmas Game Ever ($1.55) - Android Market

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