Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dead On Arrival Now Available For All Android Devices!

N3V games has finally released Dead On Arrival to all Android devices - the Fast paced action survival shooter was an Xperia Play exclusive till now. In case you've forgotten, the game features:

  • Fast paced action survival shooter
  • Survive against massive waves of the undead!
  • Purchase loads of different weapons to defend yourself from the horde
  • Buy yourself some time by boarding up doors to keep the undead at bay
  • Unlock rooms to make space and find different weapons to finish the fight
  • Search for the “random box” and destroy your enemies with the most powerful guns!
  • Massive hospital level to explore and defend all by your lonesome
  • Turn on the power and use deadly traps like the Masher, Flame Wall, Zapper or Defence Turret to help get to the next wave!
  • Vending Machines give you the edge to push on with Quick Repair, Speed, Instant Cash and Armour
  • Tutorial level to help you get to grips with the gameplay
  • Full 3D action and gory effects in high detailed graphics perfect for all mobile devices!

As with the Xperia Play exclusive version, this one is FREE to play as well but there are ads in the game which can be annoying, but hey - its free - so grab it now:

Dead On Arrival (FREE) - Android Market

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