Saturday, December 31, 2011

Doodle Boat Released

DOODLE BOAT - an addictive, fun and simple accelerometer controlled game. The Player's job, as a nonchalant speedboat driver, is to invade the river and:

  • Get the best result
  • Go as far as possible and become The Duke of River
  • Raid the beach banks and disturb sun-bathing chicks
  • Shoot obstacles and vehicles on the water road
  • Collect coins and buy better boats
  • Pick up fuel to go even further

DOODLE BOAT contains:
  • Cool cartoon graphics
  • Different enemy vehicles including fishermen, scooters and speedboats
  • Challenging obstacle sets
  • Additional unlockable 5 boats
  • OpenFeint support: beat the score and blow others out of the water
  • Incredibly fun and addictive
  • But beware: This game is easy to learn, hard to master

Doodle Boat is completely FREE so give it a whirl below:

Doodle Boat (FREE) - Android Market

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