Friday, December 16, 2011

Gameloft Releases Official Trailer For Dungeon Hunter 3

The folks at Gameloft has just released the Official Trailer for their upcoming Diablo 2 style RPG Game called Dungeon Hunter 3 which I must say, the graphics looks really awesome! The bad news is that the game looks and appears to be a FREEMIUM game.

Meaning you get the game for FREE just like other titles such as Guns 'N' Glory WW2 or Blood & Glory. To make your life easier when progressing through the game, you can buy premium items/coins where you can use to exchange for items (if you purchase coins) which cost REAL world money.

I think many (including myself) absolutely hate this kind of model, especially on such a great game like this. Its very very disappointing really. I hope Gameloft would at least have two different kinds - one FREEMIUM and another fully paid like a normal Gameloft game. In any case, check out this awesome trailer for the release date at the end:

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