Friday, December 23, 2011

Get Organized Effortlessly With Tasks N Todos

Manage your todo lists, task lists, shopping lists, pantry lists etc - effortlessly using a single free todo list app that syncs automatically with Google Task lists!

Introducing Tasks N Todos - the todo list app that is designed with the goal of being the best todo list app for Android smartphones and tablets. Tasks N Todos helps you get organized and keep up with life's many tasks and todos with minimal effort.

Tasks N Todos is built to be extremely easy to use - absolutely no user manual required! Entering the things you need to do is a breeze. Just key in your task list and the app will handle the rest.

Upcoming tasks and to-dos are clearly presented in an effective layout that enables you to better prioritize the stuffs that you need to do.

Setting due dates, notes, reminders for your to-do list are all easily accomplished with the minimal number of taps via the quick action menu and the quick task add interface.

Complete List of Features
  • Full synchronization support with Google Tasks using official Google Tasks API
  • Setup task reminder notifications for one-time as well as repeating tasks
  • Tasks can be set to repeat automatically with flexible recurrence schedule
  • Send urgent tasks to the top of the list with one quick action
  • Filter and sort your task and to-do lists in anyway you want
  • Drag and drop your task/to-do lists to reorder them any way you like
  • Calendar-style date picker with quick date pickers for Today, Tomorrow and Next Week.
  • Navigate between task lists easily using swiping gestures.
  • Task management made easy with quick action menus
  • Even faster access with homescreen widgets with quick shortcuts to add or view tasks
  • Backup/restore data to SD card
  • Fully optimized for both Android tablets and smartphones
  • Sync your task lists on your tablet with the following non-tablet optimized todo apps via Google Tasks: Astrid, Any Do, Taskos todo list, Checkmark, Google Tasks Organizer and gTasks.

Grab the app for FREE below:

Tasks & Todos (FREE) - Android Market

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