Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Intense Line-Drawing Game Seal Force Released

Help Seal Force defeat evil krill mastermind Krillian from poisoning the sea! The entire ocean is counting on you to help defeat the evil krill mastermind Krillian from poisoning the sea !

Seal Force is a combo-filled game of underwater action where you must clear the seas of krill infected by Krillian’s neon-colored virus, Plato. With three seal commandoes to control simultaneously, you will have to use each of their special abilities to clear the screen of krill. Match the color of each seal to the color of your enemies for maximum efficiency and rack up shells for upgrades, weapons and more in the Seal HQ shop!

  • Intense line-drawing gameplay ! 
  • Control three seal commandoes - Fonzie, Sarge and Milo 
  • Perform crazy combos to achieve higher scores
  • Lots of fun and crazy power ups to collect
  • 11 challenging missions 
  • Visit the Seal HQ and use shells to buy awesome upgrades for your seals: weapons, suits and cool gadgets 
  • High resolution graphics

The game is completely FREE so don't wait - just grab it:

Seal Force (FREE) - Android Market

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