Saturday, December 24, 2011

Minor Lords: Archibald & Remus Released

Here's another tower defense game for you - its called Minor Lords: Archibald & Remus by 7Sixty LLC. Archibald and Remus have been kicked out of their castle and now they need to find a home... although they're not the only ones looking for somewhere to live! 

The two friends tour the medieval countryside, squatting in any empty castles they find along the way but as darkness falls, enemy lords, evil knights and even wild animals are trying to find somewhere to spend the night too.

Help Archibald and Remus defend their new stronghold by building a range of crazy contraptions to take out the enemies, including catapults, towers that shoot rabid badgers and swarms of angry bees. Plus, collect gold to upgrade the defences so you're ready to stop the bosses bashing your gates down. It's the perfect slice of medieval mayhem!

This cartoon style tower defense game costs nothing - so go ahead and grab it now:

Minor Lords: Archibald & Remus (FREE) - Android Market

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