Friday, December 16, 2011

PocketCloud Explore Released To Android Market

Search, view and organize files on your computers from your Android device. With PocketCloud Explore you have access to all your photos, music and documents from your computers on the go. So leave the laptop behind and don’t be concerned with copying or syncing files – just grab anything you need whenever and wherever!

With PocketCloud Explore you can:
  • Securely access your content without syncing or paying for extra cloud storage
  • Open remote files with any of your Android apps (e.g. QuickOffice, DocumentsToGo)
  • Search for files across all your computers: Locate that long lost presentation on your home computer that your boss “wants now”
  • Unlimited video, photo, audio and file transfers: Upload your pictures to your desktop
  • Simple file management: Create, rename and delete folders or documents
  • Fast and easy setup: Simply install the PocketCloud Companion on your computer and sign in with your Gmail account
  • PocketCloud Explore supports up to two remote computers. You’ll be able to access additional computers with our PocketCloud Premium Service (Coming Soon!)

The app costs $0.99 during this special launch promo for the first 1000 downloads and will cost the full  $4.99 thereafter. So grab it fast while it is cheap!

PocketCloud Explore ($0.99 for first 1,000, $4.99 thereafter) - Android Market

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