Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prove Your Ninjaness With Ninja Guy!

Everyone knows to become a true Ninja, one must defeat a giant Minotaur. This particular Minotaur has hidden himself behind a horde of jungle creatures, a hog kingdom, and a legion of skeletons and mini-taurs.

Enter NinjaGuy, the newest of Cow Sensei’s students. Join him on this awesomely funny, fast paced action adventure! NinjaGuy battles through a varied set of environments, from a peaceful training village to a hell-like demon world!

Oh, one more piece of advice before you download this app .. Guns Don’t kill people. Ninja Do!

Game Highlights:
  • The BEST 3D action platform adventure on Android!
  • Swipe your finger to throw ninja stars using the innovative STS Shuriken engine!
  • Super Cool characters with awesomely funny personalities!
  • Unique Bosses!
  • Battle Up To 25 enemies simultaneously!
  • Superb Graphics!
  • Facebook and Twitter integration!

Ninja Guy costs $1.08 to buy so grab it now and show your true worth!

Ninja Guy ($1.08) - Android Market

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